Cubicle Warrior Picks: UFC 136 – Edgar vs Maynard part 3

Frankie (The Answer) Edgar (13-1-1) vs. Gray (The Bully) Maynard (10-0-1)

Maynard accounts for both of Edgar’s blemishes on his record. Look for him to add another blemish showing that he learned from their previous two encounters. Edgar has unmatched cardio. Maynard manhandled Edgar in both encounters until he ran out of gas. This time he will take his time crushing Edgar and snatch that belt.

Jose (Scarface) Aldo (19-1) vs. Kenny (KenFlo) Florian (14-5)

Aldo and FloJo fight with similar styles, but Aldo is a sharper striker and is better at Muay Thai. FloJo has devastating elbows, but Aldo will keep FloJo away on the way to a win and keep that belt around his waist.

Chael Sonnen (25-11-1) vs. Brian (All-American) Stann (11-3)

So, who is next in line to get beat down by Anderson Silva? Sonnen has the biggest mouth in UFC. If he would have used a few more steroids he may have been able to beat Silva. Stann has been more of a threat now that he dropped to 185 and learned there is more to MMA than punching. He had better try some of that grappling if he wants to avoid a decision.

Melvin (The Young Assassin) Guillard (29-8-2) vs. Joe (J-Lau) Lauzon (20-6)

Look for the Assassin to tear apart Lauzon’s lanky ***. I smell TKO early on, and a possible title shot for Guillard later on.

Steve (The Robot) Cantwell (7-4) vs. Mike Massenzio (12-5)

At one time, Cantwell was a beast, having taken down the All American Brian Stann in subsequent fights. It is make or break time for him now thanks to his three-game losing streak. Look for him to KO Massenzio and keep his UFC contract for now.

Eric (Red) Schafer (12-5-2) vs. Aaron (A-Train) Simpson (10-2)

Red is a grappler, and A-Train is a wrestler. Look for A-Train to sit on Red and keep him from doing damage on the way to a decision.

Darren Elkins (12-2) vs. Tiequan (The Mongolian Wolf) Zhang (15-1)

I have no idea who these guys are. Ameri-cuh! **** yeah!

Joey (The Mexicutioner) Beltran (13-5) vs. Stipe Miocic (6-0)

I love watching fat guys fight. Look for the Mexicutioner to lay down the law against the other guy. I won’t even try to pronounce his name.

Anthony (Showtime) Pettis (13-2) vs. Jeremy (Lil’ Heathen) Stephens (20-6)

As long as Showtime only gets cute when he needs to, he should take down the one-dimensional Stephens.

Demian Maia (14-3) vs. Jorge Santiago (23-9)

I give this one to Maia. Santiago is not that good at the takedowns, especially if he had problems with Brian Stann. Maia is always a threat for SOTN.

Leonard (Bad Boy) Garcia (15-7-1) vs. Nam Phan (16-9)

Garcia is usually fun to watch. Look for him to get back to his winning ways against the nobody Phan.






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