Restaurant Review: Dough Pizzeria Napoletana


****! I hate being wrong. I postulated that a $20 (127.6 Chinese Yuan) pizza could not be *that* much better than a $13 pizza at Grimaldi or a $9 pizza at Pizza Hut. Boy, I was wrong. At Dough’s, they use the freshest ingredients flown in from Napoli WHILE YOU WAIT. Seriously, I wouldn’t lie about Italian food. Please stand by while I have an orgasm. Maybe it’s the wine speaking, but this is THE BEST ITALIAN FOOD IN SAN ANTONIO. Hold on a sec…damn that was good. Yes, it is rather expensive for a tightwad like me, but for my Hunny, and quite possibly for Jessica Alba, I will splurge on an authentic Italian meal. Hold on a second for the aftershock…ahhhhh. Where was I? Damn that was good pizza! The tiramasu was the best. The antipasto was the freshest. The wine was awesome…which is why I am blogging while inebriated. 5/5 stars for the overpriced Italian food.


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