Cubicle Warrior’s Picks – UFC 134: Silva vs Okami

Anderson “I’ll front-kick yo’ in da face” Silva versus Yushin “デッド肉 (Dead Meat)” Okami – Middleweight Championship

デッド肉 enters this match as the 1 bazillion to 1 underdog. We all know who is going to win this match. Silva is 13/13 in the UFC, 9/9 in title fights. Silva has grown so bored of the competition, that he literally sleep walks into the ring, busts someone’s face, and runs a marathon in order to get his workout in for the day. The question of the day should be whether he kicks Okami in the face or knees him in the eye socket. Some incorrectly report that the last time Silva lost it was to Okami. Actually, Silva beat himself by denting Okami’s face with his foot from an illegal position. Look for Silva to kick Okami back to Japan in the first non-snoozer fight from Silva in a long time by TKO due to Chuck Norris round kick.

Forrest Griffin versus Mauricio “Shogun” Rua (Light Heavyweight bout)

In 2007, a young Forrest welcomed Rua to the UFC by submitting the former PRIDE fighter. Lately, Forrest has been depending on his standup, which is only under-rated due to his lackluster…okay…crappy outing against Anderson “I’ll front-kick yo’ in da face” Silva. I don’t blame him. Just about anyone looks like a kindergarten girl fighting Anderson Silva. Look for Forrest to regain some confidence in a decision over Rua.

Brendan Schaub versus Antonio Rodrigo Yadda Yadda Homina Homina “Minotauro” Nogueira (Heavyweight)

Even thought Minotauro is only 135 years old, he looks like he is 1,024 years old due to the beatings he has taken in his numerous come-from-behind wins. Look for Schaub to punch through 135 years of scar tissue and KO Minotauro.

Ross Pearson versus Edson Barboza (Lightweight)

This is a tough one. Barboza has a nasty leg kick. Pearson is a little more experienced in MMA and has been impressive for the most part. Barboza can pull off an upset, but Pearson has a more impressive resume. I want to call this an upset by Barboza, but I think Pearson’s relative experience advantage against superior opponents gets him a decision.

Luiz Cane versus Stanislav Nedkov (Light Heavyweight)

Luiz gets the honor of welcoming Nedkov to the UFC. Traditionally these guys are welcomed with a loss. Luiz is also in front of a home crowd, which should be enough to motivate him into a KO over Nedkov.

Preliminary card on SpikeTV

Spencer “The King” Fisher over Thiago “Yeah, another fighter named Thiago” Tavares. Why? I hate the name Thiago. It’s gay. Then again, Thiago will be on home turf and the King has been washed up since 2007. I change my mind…Thiago Tavares by boring decision.

Rousimar Palhares over Dan Miller. Dan gets points for taking the fight at the last minute, but Palhares is probably better prepared.




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