Cubicle Warrior’s Review of Captain America: the First Avenger

Captain America is unequivocally the best of the comic book flicks. The First Avenger scales back on the special effects and attempts to emphasize character development. Granted, there is only so much you can do with Chris Evans in terms of depth, but he does a surprisingly good job of showing the protagonist transform from Brooklyn wimp to Captain America. This movie is visually pleasing (thank you Hayley Atwell), wonderfully written, and hugely entertaining. Hugo Weaving does yet another great job as antagonist. Tommy Lee Jones is once again hilarious in his support role. If only all comic book flicks could be done this well. 5/5 stars. Yes. You just saw me rate a comic book flick with 5 stars. Take the wife, the kids, your girlfriend,  and your hairstylist to see this movie. Go to the Palladium San Antonio and grab some sushi upstairs. Moms will like the underlying message about standing up to bullies and thriving under duress to achieve one’s goals. Dads will like the explosions, the motorcycles, the airplanes, the guns, the hot chicks, and the sheer entertainment value of this film. Kids will like the kick-assery displayed by Captain America as he saves the world not from Hitler, but from Hydra. If you are still reading this, get your ass to the movie theater and watch this movie. Go! Save me some sushi if you are going to the Palladium.

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