Celebrities in memoriam this week

Amy Winehouse, 27. Loser and professional swindler that made millions off gullible assholes that bought her music. Wasted talent my ass.

PFC Tyler Springman, 19, Hartland, Maine. Killed by an IED. Not even old enough to drink and have Amy Winehouse’s problems. Left home, got stationed in Alaska, and was deployed to Afghanistan. Celebrate his wasted potential, not Amy Whorehouse’s.

SFC Kenneth Elwell, 33, Holland, Pennsylvania. Injured alongside Tyler Springman. Ask the girls of Bucks County Girl Scout Troop 282 who is more of a wasted talent, Mr
Elwell or Ms. Whorehouse.

LCpl Jabari Thompson, 22, Brooklyn, New York. Jabari moved to Fort Lauderdale at age 12 after his mom died. His family in Florida spoke of his dedication to the Marines, and how he missed his momma and New York City.

SGT Edward Koehler, 47, Lebanon, Pennsylvania. Edward was a bugler in the US Marine Corps from 1982-1988, where he was proud to play the last song in honor of deceased Marines. He joined the Army National Guard in 1997, and died this week due to IED with fellow veterans of multiple deployments.

SSG Kenneth VanGiesen, 30, Kane, Pennsylvania. Kenneth was on his fourth deployment, with two of those in Iraq and his final in Afghanistan.

SGT Brian Mowery, 40, Halifax, Pennsylvania. Brian served in the Marine Corps Reserve from 1979 to 1985. After joining the Pennsylvania Guard in 2000, he immediately made an indelible impression on the unit and was nicknamed Big, Bald, and Beautiful. Be sure to Google for his picture–he looks like that Navy SEAL, Mack.

Note: the previous celebrities, Koehler, Van Geisen, and Mowery were all assigned to the same unit and died in the same explosion.

Cpl Mark Palin, 32, Plymouth, England. Yes, a Brit. Amy Whorehouse did not leave behind a spouse and a child. Even in the UK a fallen soldier gets more headlines than a soldier in the US.

SGT Jacob Molina, 27, Houston, Texas. 2nd oldest of 6 kids. Married his high school sweetheart. Avid MMA fan. Foundation of his large family. This was his 3rd deployment, with the previous two in Iraq.

SSG James Christen, 29, Loomis, California. Died alongside Jacob Molina. This was his 3rd deployment as well. He earned the Bronze Star.

MSG Benjamin Stevenson, 36, Albany, New York. Benjamin was a real bad ass, a highly decorated special forces soldier living right here outside of San Antonio. Between 2000 and 2006 he deployed four times to Iraq and Afghanistan as a 5th Special Forces Group (Airborne) Intel sergeant out of Fort Campbell. In 2006 he became part of an unnamed special operations unit where he deployed to Iraq and Afghanistan another six times. Do the math, folks. That’s once a year he was killing bad guys that he could not tell his family about.

“During his career, he received training in jungle and mountain warfare, Russian language, air assault and free fall. His long list of commendations include the Bronze Star Medal (fifth award), a Meritorious Service Medal and a Joint Service Commendation Medal with Valor Device. He was posthumously awarded the Purple Heart and the Defense Meritorious Service Medal.” (Source: San Antonio Express News).

Now, what did Amy Winehouse do to deserve so much praise?

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