Tech Review: Apple OS 10.7 Lion

If you have an iPhone or iPad, you will probably love the latest version of the Apple operating system, the Apple OS 10.7 Lion. If you have an Android, or if you are one those losers with a Crackberry or your grandma’s Motorola RAZR, you will probably not understand Lion. As a former iPhone user, I love how Apple has integrated gestures throughout the Lion operating system, and certain features on the desktop. Along the way, Apple has spruced up the interface a bit to make it a bit sexier.

There are some nuances one has to get past. For one, the scroll bar is now obsolete. One side effect from eliminating the scroll bar is that now I must pull down on the touchpad to go down, and push up to go up–I am pulling the content, not the bar. There is a little bit to un-learn there. Like the iPhone, I can now create multiple desktops, but on Lion each one can have with its own wallpaper. The Dashboard, Launch Pad, and Mission Control are interesting additions or modifications that make organizing the computer and launching applications so much easier.

Once Finder indexes all your files, it is amazingly simple to find anything just by searching. The Airdrop sharing feature is great for sharing files with family members. I love the automatic versioning and autosave features. I wish I had that while I was working on my master’s degree research papers.

All in all, I give this a 5/5. This is Apple’s best update to its operating system. Even after a couple days I am still learning of new features that I like.


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