Movie review: The Warrior’s Way

Ninjas, cowboys, and clowns. The Warrior’s Way, directed by Sngmoo Lee and produced by Barry Osborne (The Lord of the Rings), is absolutely a love-hate film. This visually appealing amalgam of Eastern and Western cliches is sure to please connoisseurs of kick-a$$ ninja flicks and classic “bandits invading a small town” westerns. And for many of you who like clowns, there is something for you in this flick. The Warrior’s Way is definitely over the top with the fight scenes, but it makes up for this flaw with brilliant visual elements…and clowns. Great swordplay. Good interweaving of Eastern and Western cliche. Decent tie-in amongst the triad of the protagonists’ underlying psychological issues as they each find a way to deal with losing loved ones. If none of that appeals to you, just remember that it is a ninja movie…or a cowboy movie…possibly a clown movie. 4/ 5 stars.

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