55 Days to Gator Football – #55 Scot Brantley (’76-’79)

55 – Scot Brantley, LB (1976-79)

Scot Eugene Brantley of Chester, South Carolina and Ocala, Florida is the most recognizable of the 1970’s Gator linebackers. He played under Doug Dickey and Charley Pell from ’76 to ’79. Scot ranks 2nd on the career tackles list and has 2 of the top 7 single season totals. His brother, John Walter Brantley III (’75-’79), was a quarterback for the Gators in the late 1970s and his nephew, John Walter Brantley IV (’07-’11), is currently a quarterback for the Gators. Some say that his brain injury in ’79 was one of the key reasons (out of many) that the Gators struggled in that 0-10-1 season. For his ferocity on the field, Scot Brantley was inducted into the University of Florida Athletic Association Hall of Fame as a Gator Great, and the Florida-Georgia Hall of Fame.


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