Final verdict: I have decided to keep the Motorola Atrix, with reservations. No, it is not an iPhone killer. No, it does not live up to the hype. No, the performance does not match the hardware specifications. The only reason I am keeping this thing is so I can write code for it and gain back some technical skill that has eroded due to Air Force groupthink.

Display: Atrix 540 x 960 pixels; iPhone 4 640 x 960 pixels. Color and text is much sharper on the iPhone. Winner: iPhone 4. Note: even though the iPhone 3GS has a 480 x 320 resolution, the text is sharper and the colors are more vibrant. Winner: iPhone 3GS. Yes, you read that correctly.

Battery life: The online reviewers stated that the Atrix and iPhone 4 both get about 1.5 days of average use before needing a charge. Bull****! The Atrix depletes its battery at over twice the rate of an iPhone 4, even with the stinkin’ “battery saver app” on the Atrix. Heck, the Atrix barely has a battery life better than the iPhone 3GS. Winner: iPhone.

Performance: The Atrix has twin processor cores, but its performance is in between that of the iPhone 3GS and the iPhone 4. The Atrix locks up a lot, but does not totally freeze like the iPhone 3G or 2G. Oddly enough, the Atrix performs better after I have thrown it across the room and screamed expletives at it for a few seconds. I think I have finally taught the phone to fear me. Winner: living room wall.

Programmability: It costs $25 to register as an Android developer, or $99/year as an iOS developer. The iOS SDK and IDE are built into XCode . The Android SDK for Eclipse IDE used to spend about 30 minutes each day updating. Now that I have updated the crap out of it, the Android SDK and Eclipse IDE are a little more tolerable. So far, programming for the Android is less of a headache. I absolutely hated programming for the iOS. Winner: the cheapskate in me that refuses to pay $99/year for a headache when I can pay $25 one time for a headache.

Overall: As long as this hunk of junk survives my throwing it across the room every other day, I will continue to play with the Atrix. If I accidentally brick this phone, I will probably get the iPhone 4GS/5G when it comes out and just play with Atrix as a secondary phone.


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