I managed to go one day without wanting to throw this phone out the window, at the TV, or at Usama Bin Laden. Speaking of UBL, the b***** is dead! Woot! Back to the Atrix. I have pretty much customized the phone as much as I need to just for everyday use. My throat did not hurt today (from the California Crud), so I was able to test the voice dial and voice command functions. QuickOffice is a decent app. Vlingo is no better than the Google app for voice commands, so I do not see why that app costs money on other platforms. I only got a few bugs here and there using the native web browser. I have pretty much given up on Opera, which is a shame. Opera is a great browser. Maybe in a couple updates from now those Opera bugs will get worked out. I am a little disappointed at the lack of UNIX command functionality on the terminal, but I am sure I can fix that over time. Hopefully this week while I am at the conference I can sneak in some coding and hopefully not break the phone.


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