I don’t know how many times I have been tempted to launch this phone across the street. My buddy Matt offered up one tip that may have given the Motorola Atrix a stay of execution, the ADW Launcher. At least the phone will look pretty even if it annoys me until I get accustomed to it. With this app, I can get rid of that God-forsaken, Motoblur UI. Now I can easily access all my apps. Finally. With the Motorblur crap I was Googling for the app on my phone before each use.

I still hate the autocorrect. As bad as the iPhone autocorrect is, the Atrix autocorrect is a bazillion times worse. How on earth do people hook this phone up to a keyboard and call it a computer? It really bugs me when I am on a forum or typing out a long e-mail to my co-workers.

I need to find a way to search web pages the way I did on the iPhone Safari browser. This annoys the piss out of me.

For crying out loud–how the hell does the Atrix handle tasks and schedule priority threads?! I open up an app, hit the home button, and expect it to close. Nope. That is not the case. If I repeat that n times for n tasks, I will have n instantiations of CPU-hogging tasks bogging down my system. That is insane! is there a way to tell each task to shut down when I hit the home button? If not, can I renice the processes to give higher priority to the important apps and rob memory from the ones I do not care about? I need to really dig into this gadget.

EDIT: the Motorola Media Browser sure made it easier to get tens of gigabytes of music and video off the laptop and onto the phone.

The verdict is still out on the Atrix, because I have yet to set up my computer for compiling code. That will begin the true test.


2 thoughts on “DAY 2: MOTOROLA ATRIX DIARY

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