BLUF: The Apple iPhone is tough to beat in terms of useability, integration, and overall sexiness.

My first day with the ATRIX has been underwhelming. I understand all the hype–the processor is faster, the display is better, the apps are sexier, et cetera. In the end, Motorola built an iPhone killer, but did not focus on the overall systems engineering with the human-in-the-loop as the primary objective. Based on hardware specifications alone, I am supposed to be writing this article as” Why the Motorola ATRIX is an iPhone killer”. Alas, I cannot make that assertion at this time–definitely not on day 1. I am not saying that I regret switching over. I am saying that you will probably regret switching over if you did so for the hardware specs. At this moment, the only thing stopping me from hurling this $700 phone out the window is the promise of tailorability that I have not yet explored. If I start modifying the user interface (UI) and hammering out some code and do not see some redeeming qualities to this phone by day 30, then I will take up jail breaking and hacking iPhones.


2 thoughts on “DAY 1: MOTOROLA ATRIX DIARY

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