FreeBSD Diary: Fresh install

  • deleted Windows Vista partition
  • installed 8.0-RC1
  • freebsd-update upgrade -r 8.2-RELEASE
  • sudo portsnap fetch && portsnap extract
  • update apache2, ssh, sql, rubygem-rails
  • TODO: trusted BSD configuration
pf_enable="YES"                 # Enable PF (load module if required)
pf_rules="/etc/pf.conf"         # rules definition file for pf
pf_flags=""                     # additional flags for pfctl startup
pflog_enable="YES"              # start pflogd(8)
pflog_logfile="/var/log/pflog"  # where pflogd should store the logfile
pflog_flags=""                  # additional flags for pflogd startup
# pfctl -t blockedips -T add
# pfctl -e

# /etc/rc.d/pf start
# /etc/rc.d/pflog start


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