Orange and blue debut notes

Quick summary

Blue (Brantley) 13, Orange (Murphy) 10


10 Tyler Murphy (Wethersfield, Conn.) went 7-for-11 for 68 yards with a long of 22 yards to lead all passers. Murphy connected on a 10-yard pass to sophomore running back 37 Ben Sams (St. Petersburg, Fla.) for the game’s first touchdown and put the Orange team up, 10-6.

Sophomore running back (originally defensive back) 20 Malcolm Jones(Fleming Island, Fla.) led the Gators in rushing with 13 carries for 68 yards

Sophomore quarterback 17 Christian Provancha (Cocoa, Fla.) threw a 39-yard touchdown pass to sophomore wide receiver 7 Robert Clark (Palm Beach Gardens, Fla.). The 7-play, 72-yard drive was the longest drive of the game.

To open the third quarter, freshman quarterback 16 Jeff Driskel (Oviedo, Fla.) led the Blue team down the field setting up a 33-yard field goal by 19 Caleb Sturgis (St. Augustine, Fla.) to put the Blue team back in the lead, 6-3. Driskel shows great lateral movement and great zip on short to medium passes. He needs to work on the deep ball. Perhaps he is too strong.

Play-by-play notes:
1st pass wobbly from 12 John Brantley IV (Ocala, Fla.) to 84 Quentin Dunbar (Miami, Fla.). Should have been caught.

3 Chris Rainey (Lakeland, Fla.) brought down early despite great vision with deep handoff. I like the new running back launch point.

Pass by JB4 deflected. Brantley needs to move in the pocket, step up into the lane, or drop back more.

Great punt by 41 Kyle Christy (Brownsburg, Ind.). Yeah, we do miss Chaz Henry, but we will be fine.

Good run by Tyler Murphy. He sure looks good throwing on the run or evading the defensive onrush. Note: Brantley had better pick up on this if the offensive line continues to struggle.

Overall, defense looks a lot stronger than offense, even with the vanilla package. 58 Dominique Easley (Staten Island, NY) 73 Shariff Floyd (Philadelphia, Pa.) and 7 Ronald Powell (Moreno Valley, Calif.) are definitely going to be in beast mode this year!

Rainey accelerates around the corner for 8 yards.

Power trap inside run Rainey 1 yard. Believe it or not, this is nearly identical to a play that Urban Meyer and Steve Addazio used in 2010. The difference is either a better o-line, or more acceleration from the deeper launch point. This may go to show that just the little things that make the difference.

No timing from deep pass by JB4.

Pass batted down by Floyd. Come on, Brantley!

Missed wide open pass to 85 Frankie Hammond, Jr. (Hollywood, Fla.)

Good pocket presence by JB4. He has more mobility when he is not worried about pitching the ball last minute and taking a hit.

Murphy hits 81 A.C. Leonard (Jacksonville, Fla.) on the run. Again, this seems like a necessity based on the porous o-line. Or, maybe our defense is that good.

Toss sweep left by Malcolm Jones. Remember, he is a walk-on and former DB.

Nice pass broken up by 9 Josh Shaw (Palmdale, Calif.) (slightly behind and slow).

Murphy’s laser caught by 89 Steven Alli (Toronto, Ontario).

Draw play Jones 2 yards. Hmmm. Play-action. What a concept.

Timeout: Summary – Murphy looks sharp on the run, but needs to set his feet and fire when in the pocket. Rainey looks sharp without traffic.

Jones runs through blitz 3 yards.

Murphy avoids sack and gains 2. Smart movement in the pocket.

AC Leonard 1st down catch with flanker screen, or was that just two receivers too close together? We will find out later if that was intentional or not.

Should have been a sack, but quick thinking by Murphy again saved the play.

Jones slashes left behind WR block.

Jones 2 yards up the gut.

Jump toss by Murphy, loss of 1 yard.

Welcome back Sturgis! 40-ish yarder splits the uprights.

Reed barrels over defender for the first down. Note: he does look lost on complex plays.

Rainey rips left 1st down for JB4 first completion of the day.

Rainey swing pass zero gain.

Rainey swing pass 6 yards.

JB4 misses post in the end zone.

Tebow catches missed pass.

Sturgis again makes FG.

Moses Jenkins almost intercepts due to late delivery from Murphy.

Robert Clark minimal gain outlet pass.

Murphy 2 minute drill 1st down.

96 William Green (Hoover, Ala.) sack. It’s about time!

Steven Alli crossing route with great pass from Murphy, 10 yards plus 6 YAC

31 Cody Riggs (Ft. Lauderdale, Fla.) picks off tipped pass.

Wow. JB4 can run! 8 yard scramble plus evasion.

JB4 flushed right, holding on offense.

Dunbar nice reel after low snap on JB4. Brantley is the expert on reeling in bad snaps.

Ugly jump ball takes us to half time.

Halftime summary: Brantley still struggling with new offense, but surprisingly better on the move. Rainey looks sharp. Great push from defense. 2nd team outshining 1st team. Great to see PK Sturgis come back. PK Christy looks okay at kickoff and punts.

Halftime ceremony honoring Heisman ’66 Spurrier, ’96 Wuerffel, and ’07 Tebow Statues show the players as they looked in their respective years

1st look at 16 Jeff Driskel, zips short pass to Dunbar, 20 YAC after breaking tackles.

JD runs like Tebow, covers for 5.

Zip to Hammond, dropped. Good anticipation and zip, bad catch attempt.

JD breaks left, whistled dead. Good escape from pocket. I like how QB is given control of the play, not sideline.

Shariff Floyd TFL on Jones.

JD pass sails high intended for Frankie Hammond.

Dunbar peelback block on Kitchens for JD.

JD fires 10 yards at 86 Josh Postel (Atlanta, Ga.)

JD overthrows Hammond, but safe incompletion. By “safe incompletion”, I mean that he is throwing the ball where only the receiver can catch it but not where it can be intercepted.

Floyd and Easley crush entire backfield.

JD too high back corner to Dunbar. Just take a bit of mustard off that one and it would be a touchdown.

Sturgis 3/3 on FGs.

Draw play Jones 4 yards.
28 RB Deandre Goins (Dunedin, Fla.) stuffed by 99 Omar Hunter (Buford, Ga.)

Postel across the middle 1st down.

Murphy ugly run, but saved the sack.

Goins long run popped up the middle.

Goins through traffic minimal gain.

Jump pass to walk on 37 Ben Sams after block from Postel.

Botched reverse with penalty and injured Easley.

66 James Wilson (St. Augustine) back to back penalty.

JD too deep to Dunbar, but smooth delivery. Needs to lead WR away from safety Jones run left out of bounds, chased by 51 Michael Taylor (Atlanta, Ga.)

17 Christian Provancha at QB. Lots of handoffs so far, no gain.

Provancha misses Schoonover, but receiver should have turned and burned. Nice lead and delivery.

18 Ryan Parrish walk-on QB. 5 yard run by Jones.

Deep pass broken up. Slow delivery by Parrish.

Provancha 50 yard TD to 7 Robert Clark.



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