Bon Jovi: Live 2011 in the Alamo City

We Weren't Born to Follow

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Live, in the Alamo City…I had a blast at the Bon Jovi concert in San Antonio with my wife of 16 years, and our good friends, the Mills.
I had pretty high seats, so note to self: pay $10 more per seat. Note 2: buy concert t-shirts BEFORE the concert, not after.
Here are the songs from the set list. I was pleasantly surprised at the mix of new and old songs, although I really do not care for their 2009 or 2010 album material. I would rate this concert 5/5 stars, but if I rated it on a scale of A-F I would downgrade them to A-minus due to Richie Sambora slipping on a few riffs and the band focusing on their newer pop songs. San Antonio only got two songs in the encore, compared to most of the other cities that got four or six songs.
  1. Lost Highway
    1. 2007, Lost Highway
  2. “You give love a bad name”
    1. 1986, Slippery When Wet
  3. Born to be my baby
    1. 1989, New Jersey
  4. We weren’t born to follow
    1. 2009, The Circle
  5. “Thorn in my side”
    1. 2009, The Circle
  6. “It’s my life”
    1. 1999, Crush
  7. “Runaway”
    1. 1983, Bon Jovi
  8. “The more things change”
    1. 2010, cover song, Greatest Hits
  9. We got it goin’ on
    1. 2007, Lost Highway
  10. “Bad medicine”/ “Pretty woman”
    1. 1988, New Jersey/ cover song from Roy Orbison
  11. Lay your hands on me
    1. 1988, New Jersey
  12. “(You Wanna) make a memory”
    1. 2007, Lost Highway
  13. “What do you got”
    1. 2010, Greatest Hits
  14. “I’ll be there for you”
    1. 1989, New Jersey
  15. Who says you can’t go home
    1. 2006, Have A Nice Day
  16. “I’ll Sleep When I’m Dead”
    1. 1993, Keep the Faith
  17. “Working For The Working Man”
    1. 2009, The Circle
  18. “Have A Nice Day”
    1. 2006, Have A Nice Day
  19. “Keep the faith”
    1. 1993, Keep the Faith
  20. Wanted dead or alive” (encore)
    1. 1987, Slippery When Wet
  21. Living on a prayer (encore)
    1. 1987, Slippery When Wet

One thought on “Bon Jovi: Live 2011 in the Alamo City

  1. I enjoyed the concert. Great friends, and an awesome husband! Thank you for the wonderful memories…let’s make a memory everyday for the rest of our lives. I love you.

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