Norwich University MSIA = done!

Norwich University

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After 18 months of hard work, I am finally done with my MSIA from Norwich University. All I have left is Residency Week in June. I still do not know what Residency Week entails. I cannot imagine that I will have to arrive on Sunday and lay in bed until the graduation ceremony. Some programs have to write yet another, over-arching thesis paper. Some have to verbally defend their thesis in front of a panel. Some have cumulative exam. I am still waiting for some information. I do know that I plan on taking the Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP), which is a grueling, six-hour exam on a wide array of topics, including three of my favorite topics, cryptography, trusted computing, and secure networking.

This really was a fun program. My only complaint was that the program could have been a little more technical. The program was designed for technically-savvy professionals to make a transition to managerial roles. Well, that is not my only complaint–I really want to know what is supposed to go on during Residency.

For now, I will enjoy the next three months of freedom until I get my diploma. I suppose I should study for the CISSP as well.


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