TDY to Los Angeles and Albuquerque

This week’s TDY was business as usual. I really enjoy these trips, because I feel more useful when I am on travel than I do when I am at home station. I also realize that I prefer to travel in smaller groups, and that we really should set up a game plan before these boondoggles. I had a great, 8-ish mile run to Manhattan Beach while in LA. In ABQ I was able to jog around my old neighborhood. Being in ABQ brought back so many happy memories of my time here in ’07. As an added bonus, I got to see one of my best friends from college and his family.

Notes to self:
– Finish up the Space Cubicle 101 book and separate into engineering, LM, and CRO sections.
– Tailor the MAG to RDT&E programs.
– Disseminate the small cubicle roadmap for comments.
– Plan for the DC trip.
– Budget TDY funds for next year.


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