Thoughts on Tim Tebow’s Pre-season Opener

Timmy’s stats for the pre-season opener: 8/13 (61.5%) for 105 yards (8.1 YPA), 0 TD, 0 INT with 10 yards rushing on two attempts and one TD. Compare that to Kyle Orton’s 8/13 for 84 yards (6.5 YPA), 2 TD, 0 INT and Brady Quinn’s 6/16 for 68 yards (4.3 YPA), 0 TD, 1 INT, and many ugly passes. Just for S’s and G’s, compare that to Sam Bradford’s 6/13 (46%) for 57 yards. Granted, he spent much of the time on his back, but excuses are excuses for a rookie, right? Timmy’s first pass, an incomplete, actually looked nice save for the brick hands of the receiver, Matthew Willis. Did Timmy get away with a freebie on his fumble? You bet! Most of his throws were mechanically sound, but in that one almost-fumble he did the long windup thing and almost paid for it. Good news: he did level two defenders in his running TD in the closing seconds of the game, and he looked good throwing when rolling out of the pocket.

Quick notes:
– Kyle Orton will still be the starter on opening day.
– Denver has no running game. Timmy might be the only rusher, other than the backup Lance Ball.
– Timmy’s mechanics are okay, but he could try some drastic measures to stick with the higher release.
– Timmy throws better on the move.
– Denver has a crappy offensive line.
– The Gator haters were wrong–he CAN level not just one, but two defenders in the NFL!

I am not a Denver Broncos fan, but I will follow Timmy’s progress, if anything to have something to rub in the face of the Gator haters that try to get a rise out of me by picking on Tebow. Note: I am a Gator fan, not a Tebow fan.


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