Introducing iPhone 4.

Here it is. The one. The only…except the one that was stolen…the iPhone 4. Sure, there are other phones with similar features as the iPhone, but somehow Apple manages to do it with more style. I want to root for the Android, but as much as the anti-Apple crowd trash talks against the iPhone, this darn thing still manages to get my vote for sexiest tech toy of the year. Until Android fixes a few quirks, even iPhone 3GS gets my vote. IPhone 4 just needs to continue pushing the envelope as everyone else plays catchup. This is my review of the iPhone 3GS versus the Android. Let’s see what happens with the iPhone 4. I’ll be rooting for the Android, but that 1 GHz A4 processor is already running circles around the 1 GHz Google Nexus One, also known as the Qualcomm Snapdragon QSD8250 ( Oddly enough, the Google chip barely outperformed the iPhone 3GS ARM Cortex A8 chip.
Note: The iPhone 3G used the 412 MHz ARM11 on a 90 nm line with 32 kb L1 cache. The 3GS upped the ante with a 600 MHz clock built on a 65 nm line with 64 kb L1 cache and 256 kB L2 cache.

iPhone 4. This changes everything. Again. Arriving June 24. Learn More |

iPhone 4
iPhone 4
This changes everything. Again.
Learn more

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