Today is the day!

As of midnight, I am unofficially a captain! I look back at my career and I realize how good I had it as an LT. Yes, I was frustrated for a while. Yes, I hated leave behind my enlisted roots. I think by now I have adapted very well to my new career. I miss the camaraderie of the enlisted corps. I look at my good buddy, Brandon, and see what I am missing now. He is a Master Sergeant and flight chief now. That could be me. On some days I love my current job as a cubicle engineer. On other days I hate being a lackey. There was a time when I felt so under-used and unappreciated, but now I feel like a useful member of the team. I think I am well-respected. I think people like having me around. I still need to work on convincing the engineering chief that I am really an engineer. I was slightly offended when someone referred to me as a salesperson. I guess the truth hurts. I hope my next assignment lets me do some kind of engineering. I have been dropping my resume, but I do not have a solid opinion from management as to when I could leave here. I love it here in the Space Cubicle Directorate of the Cubicle Systems Group (CBSG), but I also miss the challenge of engineering something more than a PowerPoint slide. I am hoping I can land a good job in the Natural Recreation Office or the Natural Secretion Agency, but I will take what I can get.


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