Space Cubicle Conference 2010

Well, this week was certainly interesting. I spent the week at the Space Cubicle Conference at the lovely Westin Hotel Riverwalk in San Antonio, Texas. I made a lot of useful contacts, made some new friends, and once again saved the Galaxy from stuff that I cannot talk about.

I love my organization, the Air Force Cubicle Systems Group. What is sad about my organization is that the two divisions, the Widget and Gadget divisions, never come together as one entity except at these conferences. Tomorrow, we will go back to work at Cubicle Systems Group and continue backstabbing one another and undercutting one another’s efforts all for nothing. We should be on the same team, but we are not. My good friend and fellow cubicle engineer, Mr. Oh, work so hard to improve the efficiency of our organization and improve relationships between the Widget and Gadget divisions, only to see more of the same.

On a good note, I was able to impress the entire space cubicle community with my engineering acumen and debonair personality to such a degree that everyone raved about me. I can only hope to use these powers for good and get management to listen to me and Mr. Oh as we try to make the Space Cubicle Directorate a better place to work in.

NOTE: the names of people and organizations have been changed to protect the guilty.


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