Hard-@$$ Professors, and why I sometimes hate college

I have been going to college since 1994, with only a couple breaks here and there. I am sick and tired of school. I am 45% of the way through my master’s degree, unless of course the VA does not pay up and I get kicked out of class. Maybe I am just a little frustrated at how this class is going. This professor does not give feedback like the others, and I need to improve my research paper grades. I do not think he liked my asking for a one-day extension, and I tried my best to meet the original deadline only to have to fall back to the extension out of sheer exhaustion.

After a couple hours here in the airport, I *THINK* I found the key to making this professor happy. I just realized that he is just like my old engineering professor, Dr. Steve Gorman. Dr. Gorman is a genius, and a genuine hard-ass on his students. I realized too late in the game that what Dr. Gorman was looking for were the outliers, at least the positive ones. He was looking for that answer that looked as if it were obviously choice A, but one could easily ascertain with some trickery that the correct answer was actually E, none of the above.

I looked through this professor’s bio, and I realized that this guy is probably Dr. Gorman’s twin! I need to avoid the temptation to jump on the obvious answer and look for that twist that makes the entire class look bad. Today I start looking for that twist and seeing if it helps out my grades.


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