Where’s Timmy Going?

Rumors are flying as to where Tim Tebow will get drafted. Personally, I would rather have him get drafted in round 2 so he can sit and learn the NFL under a good mentor. I would prefer that Tebow go to the following teams in order based on my prediction for success under a good coach and mentor:

  1. Minnesota Vikings – 30. Bret Favre would be a good mentor and upgrade over Tavaris Jackson. Too bad their offense is already stacked. Let’s see what happens in round 2.
  2. Buffalo Bills – 9 – Jim Kelly likes him. The Bills need a franchise QB. Downside: no mentor. In the end, they might take Jimmy Clausen for immediate impact only to watch him flop.
  3. Cleveland Browns – 7. The Browns need anything that will help, but Holmgren does not take QBs in round 1. Tebow could go here in round 2.
  4. Denver Broncos – 11. He might do well here, despite a not-so-good mentor.
  5. New England Patriots – 22. The Evil Genius Belichick likes the spread and Tebow. Evil Genius could shock the world and take Tebow in round 1.
  6. Seattle Seahawks – 18. Pete Carroll knows talent, assuming all his former Trojans are taken. Carroll has been away from the NFL for a while, so he might surprise us with Tebow, but as a defensive mind I am apt to believe he will go for defense.
  7. Washington Redskins – 4. Dan Snyder would take a risk on a headliner, but not in round 1.
  8. Miami Dolphins – 12. This team is willing to try crazy schemes.
  9. Indianapolis – 27. The Colts do not need a QB, but they could use a short yardage player.
  10. Philadelphia Eagles – 31. Why else did they get rid of McNabb? Vick would be a bad mentor.
  11. Jacksonville – 10. I hate this choice–Tebow would be abused as a freak show.

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