Quick comparison of recent Gator quarterbacks

I saw a discussion on a forum about Johnny Brantley and how he stacks up against other recent Gator QBs. Brantley has been described as a classic, NFL-style QB. He even broke Tim Tebow‘s high school record for passing yardage. I think Brantley will do fine in year 1 of the post-Tebow era as long as he has an offensive line to protect him. Brantley has trained behind good O-lines and has not had to scramble or rush a lot, so nobody is certain how he will do behind a bad line. Rather than compare Brantley to Tebow, I would rather compare him to Chris Leak even though they are not that similar at all. Brantley is about as athletic as Leak, has better defensive reads, better accuracy, and better mechanics. Other than that, there simply is not enough information to assess Brantley as successor to Tebow. As the next season progresses we will see how this plays out.

Cam Newton (2007 HS)

Height: 6-5.5Weight: 22540-Yard Dash: 4.75Short Shuttle: 4.44Vertical Jump: 35.0"Pos Rank: 14

Tim Tebow (2006 HS)

Height: 6-2.5Weight: 21840-Yard Dash: 4.71Short Shuttle: 4.56Vertical Jump: 32.5"Pos Rank: 3Areas for Improvement: mechanics

John Brantley (2007 HS)

Ht:6'3"Wt:190 lbs40:4.64 Shuttle:4.41Vertical:29 inchesAreas for Improvement: mobility

Chris Leak (2007 NFL Combine)

Height: 5'11"Weight: 21040: 4.66 Vertical jump: 31 inches 4.24 20-yard shuttle8/12 Wonderlic scoreAreas for Improvement: size, strength

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