Brett Favre: the best NFL QB of my generation

I keep those days when my little brother and I would throw the football in the backyard. I modeled my throwing motion after Bret Favre, simply because it was cool. He hurled that ball like a fastball, often with reckless abandon. Look at Bret today, still heaving the fastball, but now with accuracy and precision. It must have been a strange feeling for him to walk into his beloved Lambeau Field as the enemy, but I know deep inside that he happy that his 3-year plan to make Green Bay pay for tossing him aside has come to fruition. I loved watching Bret in New York, especially in those New York Titan throwback jerseys, but I did not realize he was just biding time until he could return to the NFL Norse Division to wreak havoc on the team that cast him aside and has become laden with poor management. No NFL great deserves to have been treated as Bret Favre was in his departure from Green Bay. Kudos to Bret for beating his old team and showing them why they made a mistake in cutting him before his time was done. Fortunately for us, the Bret Favre fans, we get to see him go out on the field and just have fun, even if it is only for another season. As he elevates the play of his teammates like Adrian Peterson and Percy Harvin, he is setting the stage where he does not have to win game–he can just manage games and let the team earn the win. This is the quintessence of a matured quarterback, a man who still plays the game with the heart and zeal of a 23-year old rookie.


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