Family Vacation in Florida

I took the family on a well-deserved vacation to Pensacola, Gainesville, and Orlando on what has become our annual October Florida getaway. Rissa and JR had a national tournament in Orlando, so I had them workout a few times at Bill Dickson Park, Barrancas Beach, and Lake Frederick. Rodney and Lorie took the kids to Disney the day before the tournament while Rachel and I visited the University of Florida campus.

The tournament, the main purpose for the vacation, went very well. JR is continuing to improve. I did get scared for a moment during JR’s sparring match when he was launched into the air by an opponent’s kick. Rissa earned 2nd place in sparring in a well fought, but controversial match. I am very proud of her for placing 2nd in sparring, and I am proud of JR for standing strong in his ring against opponents who literally kicked him into the air.

Overall, the family had a great time back home in Florida. My favorite parts of the trip were seeing friends and family, playing at the beach and visiting the University of Florida. I also enjoyed the tournament, despite the amount of stress involved. I really do miss my friends and family back home in Pensacola. I hope that in the future that we all keep in contact better.


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