DefenseNews: China Developing Capability To Kill Satellites, Experts Say

“This latest space interceptor test demonstrates a potential PLA [People’s Liberation Army] aspiration to restrict freedom of space flight over China,” said Mark Stokes, a China missile specialist at the Project 2049 Institute.

China’s first two anti-satellite tests, 2007 and 2010, involved the SC-19 (DF-21 ballistic missile variant) armed with a kinetic kill vehicle. Though the first two involved the SC-19, only the 2007 ASAT actually destroyed a space-based platform. The 2010 and July 23 test successfully struck a ballistic missile.

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Top #AskJameis (Winston) Questions

  • @NFL_Memes How do you expect to evade the nations top defenses when you couldn’t even evade Publix’s?
  • @rowlandcto To catch a crab, would you: Use a trap, Shoot with BB gun, Gang up with your boys and just take it, or I’d steal one from Publix
  • @ClayTravisBGID Maybe the Tallahassee police can hop on and finally question him.
  • #AskJameis Are you aware that a “read option” does not mean it is optional to learn how to read?
  • Which did you find harder to open, the legs of the crabs or the non-consenting women?

  • How will Common Core standards affect education in the United States?

  • Winston is being questioned more today by fans than he ever has by Tallahassee PD

  • after getting away with a high profile rape & theft, what crime will you commit to complete your triple crown?

  • Are you better at picking up chicks who are half asleep or just completely comatose?

  • Not many Heisman winners are able to repeat, but do you feel you can get away with rape again this season?#AskJameis
    4:05pm – 10 Aug 14
  • #AskJameis how will you know we’re all making fun of you if you can’t read?
  • @bsmith2371: #AskJameis Which did you find harder to open, the legs of the crabs or the non-consenting white women?
  • Shane Morris ?@IamShaneMorris 25m
    .@FSU_Football #AskJameis Do you see yourself as a pocket passer like Roethlisberger, or a mobile rapist like Roethlisberger?
  • Spartacus ?@Texans_for_Tide · 7m
    If you steal 5 lbs of crab legs one week, and 6 the next. How many girls did you sexual assault? #AskJameis
  • Brad Pittsburgh ?@brad_pittsburgh 3m
    What do you enjoy taking advantage of more, opposing secondaries or women? #AskJameis
  • #90sBabyFollowTrain ?@_ROBintheHOOD 5m
    Favorite receiver, Rashaad Greene or unconsenting white women #askjameis
  • Chris Farris ?@cfarris10 10m
    What is the most scrong crab in the animal kingdom? #AskJameis
  • Zatoichi @Jamaicanhitman

    Which group protects you better, FSU offensive line or the Tallahassee PD? #AskJameis
  • DaboSwinneyProblems @DaboSwinneyProb

    #AskJameis would you agree that Publix has a better defense than Clemson?

Which SEC teams have the best overall rosters for 2014? | Saturday Down South

The SEC recruits better than any conference in college football, and the best players are continually funneling into this conference.

So, let’s take a look at how every SEC team has finished in the recruiting rankings year after year, along with win-loss record and winning percentage and according to 247Sports’ Composite Rankings:

Rank Team 2014 2013 2012 2011 2010 Average W/L Win %
1 Alabama 1 1 1 1 5 1.8 46-7 86.80%
2 Florida 9 3 4 11 1 5.6 30-21 58.82%
3 LSU 2 6 14 7 7 7.2 44-9 83.02%
4 Georgia 8 11 8 5 12 8.8 36-18 66.67%
4 Auburn 6 13 11 8 6 8.8 37-16 69.81%
6 Tennessee 7 24 20 14 8 14.6 21-28 42.86%
7 Texas A&M 5 9 16 35 18 16.6 36-16 69.23%
8 South Carolina 16 20 17 16 30 19.8 42-11 79.25%
9 Ole Miss 15 8 46 20 38 25.4 21-29 42%
10 Arkansas 30 23 28 21 36 27.6 28-22 56%
11 Miss State 38 25 22 34 29 29.6 31-21 59.62%
12 Kentucky 22 34 50 37 45 37.6 15-34 30.61%
13 Missouri 39 43 31 57 21 38.2 35-17 67.31%
14 Vanderbilt 45 26 47 56 54 45.6 26-25 50.98% Continue reading

The SEC’s heaviest, lightest offensive lines for 2014 , sorted by average player weight | Saturday Down South

Here are the SEC’s heaviest offensive lines for 2014:

1. Ole Miss 326
2. Arkansas 325
3. LSU 321
4. South Carolina 318
5. Alabama 315
6. Florida 313
6. Missouri 313
8. Mississippi State 311
9. Texas A&M 307
10. Tennessee 305
11. Auburn 304
12. Kentucky 301
13. Vanderbilt 300
14. Georgia 298

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Great interviews of the 20th century: Richard Nixon interviewed by David Frost | Media | The Guardian

‘I have impeached myself’

Edited transcript of David Frost’s interview with Richard Nixon broadcast in May 1977

Would you say that there are certain situations… where the president can decide that it’s in the best interests of the nation, and do something illegal?
Richard Nixon: Well, when the president does it, that means it is not illegal.

By definition.
Exactly, exactly. If the president, for example, approves something because of the national security, or in this case because of a threat to internal peace and order of significant magnitude, then the president’s decision in that instance is one that enables those who carry it out, to carry it out without violating a law. Otherwise they’re in an impossible position.

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Ask a Korean!: What Makes a Good Korean Restaurant?

In U.S.:  Let’s be straight. Korean food is not yet at the place where, say, sushi is–that is to say, Korean food is not yet mainstream enough for one to expect a dependable taste for it, outside of the people who grew up eating it constantly. This necessarily means the ceiling for the quality of Korean food sold in areas sparsely populated by Koreans will be rather low. In the U.S., Koreans mostly live in Southern California, New York/North New Jersey and D.C./Maryland/Northern Virginia. (The next tier of Korean American population centers are Northern California, Atlanta, Chicago and Seattle, but the drop-off is significant after the top three.) The quality of Korean food tends to track that order.

Both in the U.S. and in Korea, this holds true: watch out for restaurants that sell too many different dishes, because every one of the dishes will be mediocre-to-bad. Unfortunately, this applies to vast majority of Korean restaurants in the U.S., because there simply is not enough demand to specialize in certain types of Korean food. In small towns of America, the menu often crosses the border to include Japanese/Chinese/Thai food, creating an unholy alliance of shittiness. Avoid this type of restaurant at all costs.

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